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Agrifoods Canada

Agrifoods is about much more than growing crops. Find out how our
comprehensive Agrifoods Strategy can promote your region,
define investment opportunities and help you develop
value-added and secondary processing facilities.

A New Strategy

It’s time to get sophisticated about how we approach growing and developing the Agrifoods industry in Canada. We’ve developed a strategy that creates the foundation for any region to build upon, with a custom set of solutions tailored to your local market and challenges.

Data Analysis

A complete survey of your region, focused on identifying all participants in the Agrifoods industry. We then analyze the data to create a clear picture of the opportunities available for investment.

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Our data analysis is key to defining the opportunities for investment in your area. By defining needs, we create opportunities  that can be filled by existing local businesses, or by outside investors.

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We help you to market your region, maximizing the potential opportunities we have identified. We craft a marketing plan that focuses on growth and diversity of your local Agrifoods industry.

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We help facilitate new business and business growth with an online platform for commerce. This e-commercial platform serves both business to consumer and business to business needs.

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It’s so clear to me that this is going to be one of the handful of sectors in the Canadian economy that’s going to determine the 21st century for the country.

David McInnes
President, Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute in Ottawa

Local Marketing to Global Customers

Our strategy is designed to support three key areas: market knowledge, generating investment, and building networks that collectively support success for agrifoods companies in the marketplace. Research has demonstrated that businesses entering new markets need market knowledge to succeed. When investors have access to customized market profiles, cost-competitive analysis and advisory services, those companies can be better informed and prepared to succeed in attracting new customers in new markets while remaining locally competitive.

The strategy also highlights the value and access points of government investment in programs that fund the development of new products, practices or technology, helps agrifoods companies prepare for, and participate in, targeted international marketing, and supports a food safety and traceability system.

Canada’s agriculture and agri-food industry is a key driver of the Canadian economy. The Government of Canada will support the continued growth of the sector by investing in research and innovation, working to open new markets around the world and collaborating with our provincial and territorial partners.

Lawrence MacAulay
Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

Supply Chain & Logistics

Identifying, mapping and isolating assets in a highly usable online environment is a key to realizing opportunities including investment attraction. When a new business, or a business looking for growth opportunities, is able to align with existing supply chain, storage, and distribution services, time to start of business operations is greatly reduced. Additionally, investors specializing in logistics and other supply chain services can also utilize this data and technology to identify local needs.

Connecting People & Technology

By creating the technology platform to serve both marketing and ecommercial needs on all media, we create the network of services that connects people and business. Learn how we use App Development, Online Trading Floor functionality and Business to Consumer Tools to connect the Agrifoods sector to the world.

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Download our printable companion piece that provides an overview of our Strategy, Steps to Success and Implementation Plan. Feel free to distribute this document to all stakeholders and interested parties in your region.

A Growth Strategy for the Regional Agrifoods Industry
An overview for your review!

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