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Marketing Tools

It is not enough to build a web site, add data and maps and then wait for investors to visit. Every jurisdiction, every region, every industry is competing for the same dollar. To separate yourself from the competition, you need to be more prepared, but you also need to be more proactive. To address these needs, we must identify our audience. In the case of Agrifoods, our audience includes Investors, Existing Business Owners, and Consumers. All of these groups must come together to create the synergy required for ongoing industry growth.

To promote your region to each of these audiences, we have created a set of tools that maximize the opportunities each group contributes to the industry.

Investment Attraction & Retention Toolkit

To attract regional investment, a comprehensive collection of localized data is required. The less information that an investor must search for, the more you are perceived as being ready for their business. Some of the topics that should be covered include:

  • Regional Demographics
  • Regional Information
  • Regional Competitive Advantages
  • Standard of Living
  • Tax Considerations
  • Competitiveness
  • Labour Overview
  • Training and Development
  • Funding
  • Doing Business in The Region
  • Opportunities in Agrifoods
  • Key Agencies for Industry
  • Business Support Services
  • Programs & Services for Growth
  • Innovation & Food Science
  • Tools & Resources (Incubators, etc)
  • Trade Agreements
  • Export Markets
  • Government Resource Links

We source this information, develop the content and produce an Investor Attraction & Retention Toolkit. This toolkit is presented as a print edition summary, and an online living document. Also mobile device ready, this resource will become the “go-to” information repository for Agrifoods Investment in your region.

B2B and B2C eCommerce Platform

Many jurisdictions have web sites devoted to local economic development, but this really dilutes the effectiveness of a marketing effort for any single industry. Traditionally, regional economic development marketing efforts are targeted at property development, or another local niche, making it very difficult for a potential investor to wade through the material to find Agrifood specific data.  By aggregating Agrifood businesses on a single web site, it becomes the primary destination for all marketing and a comprehensive resource for all audience types.

Synergetic marketing of this type is not new. What is new is the functionality we make available when a visitor comes to the web site.

Business to Consumer Sales

We can offer the ability for Growers and Producers the option of selling their products directly online using our built-in ecommerce system. In a recent survey of Agrifood growers in Northeast Alberta, less than 15% had a web site and only about 10% of this number were capable of an online transaction. We can manage the entire online point of sale system, including configuration of shipping requirements and tax considerations so that an Agrifood business can enjoy all the benefits of being online and the potential market looking for product diversity and selection.

Business to Business Sales

One of the key benefits to collecting data on the industry is to identify suppliers, logistics companies, processors and retailers. Connecting a potential investor with an existing supply chain is a vital part of the decision making process. Additionally, there is a built in expansion of the market for certain sectors like farm supply companies. All companies that supply products, services, raw materials and/or unprocessed products now have direct contact with all potential local business customers.

In addition to direct contact with these businesses, we have the capability of creating an online trading floor. So, small and medium growers can display and offer their product up for secondary processing and do so much like commodity trading, or co-operative marketing methods.

Online Marketing

We also take advantage of the collective marketing power that comes from aggregating all the information available about the Agrifoods and related businesses in a region.  Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) your resource will grow to become a regional Agrifoods superpower.

Connecting the Industry in the Real World

With every aspect of the online world bringing together Agrifoods businesses, it is imperative that we also bring together these businesses in the real world. The development, organization and staging of a regional industry Trade Show allows us to close the loop on networking.

In addition to bringing businesses together, we create the opportunity to speak directly to the industry about topics such as Food Science, secondary processing, training and development, cold storage, logistics, international market development, Agrifood innovation funding, and much more.

We plan, organize and produce the entire event, customized for your region, your vision and your goals.

The key to online marketing is to be “relevant” when a search is conducted online. When you have comprehensive information on every Agrifood business in a region, you become that relevant resource. No single web presence is capable of delivering the same scope and depth of content. Analytics shows us that markets then able to grow beyond expectations. We’ve even seen new export markets open in countries where none existed before.

Online marketing, online sales, brokering goods and connecting your industry online and in the real world…these are the elements that make up our ongoing marketing strategy. Find out how we can customize these services to suit your local agrifoods sector.

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