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The Agrifoods industry is one of the most important industries in the Canadian economy. It is important because the pressures on food safety, diversity of production and product availability continue to make it a growing part of the economy, but it is also important because it truly maximizes the natural resources and landscape of our country.

However, even the most mature sectors of the Agrifoods industry face challenges. Those challenges range from the simplicity of data collection to the complexities of marketing to the international consumer.

We have developed a program that addresses these challenges in an end-to-end solution. Not a snapshot of the industry, but an ongoing system that supports an industry realizing constant growth.

Snapshots, or point-in-time surveying, leave incredible gaps in knowledge that make it hard to identify regional needs and opportunities within the Agrifoods sector.  As soon as that data is stale, it is no longer a viable resource for decision making. For example, that information is integral to investors when locating a new business, or identifying the potential for value-added production and processing.

Our program starts with effective data collection, sustainable data management, user-friendly mapping, comprehensive investor communication, real-world marketing of both products and investment opportunities, and ongoing world-class support.

Our goal is to create a “circle of knowledge” so that at each and every entry point … consumer, grower, distributor, retailer, or investor … our program delivers relevant information and resources that empower each potential audience member to make an informed decision.

The Strategy

First and foremost, any strategy is only as good as the goals that it seeks to achieve, so the first step in our strategy is to seek out information on your region’s specific assets, goals and vision for your regional agrifoods industry.

Once we can define what success looks like for you and your stakeholders, we can then begin to bring our skill set to bear on the different aspects of your regional industry.

At its heart, our Agrifoods Strategy is made up of a comprehensive series of steps that include:


Collect Data

But not just a snapshot of data. We have developed a system where ongoing maintenance is undertaken so that up to the minute information is available to investors, consumers and economic development officers.

Mapping Technology

Re-purposing the data we collect into an integrated mapping solution is essential for decision making. Most GIS systems make it nearly impossible for the layman to use, we focus on user experience so that maps that identify both producers and resources are easy to use and are mobile ready.

Marketing Tools

We then craft a set of marketing tools that meet the needs of producer, distributors and retailers alike. From web design, investment attraction tool kits, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing Plans, multi-language campaigns and international audience capture, we have more than 20 years of experience in developing customized and effective marketing campaigns for a single business or an entire sector.

Sales Tools

Its not enough to develop a web site or inspire an investor to start a new agrifoods business, you also have to provide the tools with which they can facilitate sales and other transactions online. So we also bring App development, ecommerce and trading floor software tools to the mix to insure that every possible potential economic activity can be undertaken. We develop and support business to consumer, business to business, and investor development tools.

Connecting in the Real World

Despite the advantages that technology can bring us, business is still built on relationships. In addition to all the networking, technology, social and professional development that a Trade Show can bring, it is also the perfect launch event and annual showcase of your region's agrifoods industry. We plan and produce this event for you and we work with you to define a clear vision of success.

Ongoing Support

We manage all aspects of the tools we produce for you. Ongoing updating and maintenance is critical to the long term success of any regional survey and marketing undertaking. We track our progress and deliver reports and analysis so that we can continue to realize growth in all aspects of the agrifoods sector.

The singular greatest potential for growth in the Agrifood Sector is that of value-added processing. It generates economic activity at every stage of production and has an immediate effect on GDP. Investors can also quickly realize that developing a value-added agrifood business can lead to quick profitability as many market needs go un-served without the added cost of import products.

Let us help you unlock the potential of Value-Added Processing in your regional AgriFood’s Industry!

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