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Mapping Technology

Currently, many jurisdictions employ a GIS system. Conceptually, this is designed to offer information to an investor/developer interested in the region mapped by the system. Generally speaking, these GIS systems are comprehensive but not very user friendly. Additionally, they are not targeted at any one industry and are rarely capable of breaking down data into Agrifoods relevant components.

Our mapping technology not only geo-locates every business identified in the data collection process, but we can also overlay water mains, road ways, truck routes, and identify sub-regions such as land zone types, land parcels for sale and Agricultural Land Reserve areas.

Our mapping technology is not only user friendly, but mobile device friendly. It is universally viewable and usable without the need for special knowledge or training. GIS systems are designed to serve the needs of engineers and specialists. Our program distributes knowledge to a wider audience and serves their needs.

What they need is information abstracts, links to resources, embedded video and even driving directions. These features are available in our mapping technology and therefore serves the dual purpose of informing an investor of a potential business location and that of marketing the existing business/product.

Imagine a visitor to your web site clicks to view the map of all Agrifoods producers and filters for a single product type such as “micro-breweries”. The map displays a number of locations and the user clicks on one. Up pops information on the business and then asks the map to display driving directions for a tasting! Imagine that same visitor filters the map for specialty food products, clicks to display a location and then is able to purchase that product instantly.

Imagine that all of this is being accomplished on a mobile device and you begin to realize the power of combining comprehensive data with a world class mapping solution.

For a full demonstration of our mapping technologies and how they can work for your Agrifoods industry, contact us today.

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