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Data Collection & Analysis

Firstly, we undertake the task of collecting industry data. This aspect of any project simply must be comprehensive, aggressive and complete. For example, many industry related surveys collect information on growers. This is not enough. If an investor desires to make a fully informed decision, they need to know where suppliers exist, what logistics services are available, the location of retail opportunities and even the ability to identify resource supplies such as water and fuels.

We work with you and your existing data to build on any available resource and expand it to insure that it is up to date and comprehensive.

Next, we analyze the data we’ve collected and deliver a Report covering current trends. Trends such as land use, employee turnover rate, time to market, secondary processing opportunities and more. Identifying this analyses as “trends” is very important. As the data is maintained and opportunity gaps are filled, new trends emerge and so ongoing analysis and reporting is required.

In order to maintain the data, we implement a system that employs an online set of tools where we securely house data in a private cloud. New data is collected in 3 ways.



Firstly, through a partnership with local governments who can identify relevant business licenses, zoning applications and development proposals.


Secondly, by collecting voluntary submissions online and promoting that collection through social media and search engine marketing.


And third, by creating an ongoing flow of communications with existing businesses in the database so that changes, updates, edits and deletions become part of regularly operations.

Data seems to be on everybody’s lips these days. People are generating more than ever before, with 40 zettabytes expected to be created by 2020. It doesn’t matter if you are selling to other businesses or ordinary members of the general public. Data is essential for companies and it’s going to spell an era of innovation.

AJ Agrawal, CEO Alumnify

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