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Mission & North Fraser Area Agrifoods Industry Map

Below is the map of all of the currently identified participants in the Agrifood Industry in the Mission and surrounding North Fraser region. Included in this map are Growers, Processors, Transport companies, Retailers, Farm Markets, Dairy Producers and more!

You can interact with this map just like you do on Google Maps.

Expand the side menu using this buttonĀ  . You can then turn off and on certain business sectors to reveal just the ones you want to see. Click or tap on a business location icon and out will slide information about that business. If you want to visit that business, you can even get directions to it and then tap to show the route on your GPS device by clicking/tapping this iconĀ  .

What's Included in the Map

All businesses in the Mission area participating in the Agrifoods industry and business that participate in local retailing such as the Mission Farmers Market. Therefore, you will see some businesses appearing on the map that are far outside of our region, but are included because they choose to bring their products to Mission to specifically market here.

What's Not Included in the Map

We have not included “chain” restaurants in the map below. We have identified them, but they are not included because they often have “closed” production and distribution systems and therefore do not participate in the local Agrifoods industry. Our goal is to identify local participants in order to help them grow and develop their business and their markets here in the Mission area.

To identify businesses in the Mission area, we used more than 90 data sources, however, it may be possible that we have missed someone. We want to know! If you know a business in the Agrifoods industry in the Mission, North Fraser Region not identified on the map below, please let us know by dropping us a note on our Contact page.