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Agrifoods Canada recently completely a full update of the Northeast Alberta Food Marketers Association web site. This new web site is designed to bring together technology and the agrifoods sector in the region for one comprehensive marketing and investment opportunity resource.

The web site includes many new features and resources including:

  • A comprehensive Business Directory featuring more than 200 agrifoods producer, distributors and retailers in the region
  • An interactive map that identifies the location of agrifoods businesses, the areas they serve and offers a “big picture” view of land use and the opportunities and synergies that exist when growing or locating an agrifoods business in the region
  • A online Investment Retention & Attraction Toolkit with a download print companion which comprises the most comprehensive aggregation of resources for local agrifoods investment available in Canada
  • and much more!

Visit the NAFMA site to explore all of the features described above and then contact us to see how we can bring our strategy to your region!

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